Bali - Island of the Gods

Annual readers surveys by major travel magazines confirm the island of Bali is the most enchanting travel destination in the world.

The year-round pleasant climate and the very friendly people guarantee a completely enjoyable stay during your flight-training program. Bali is one of the best-loved travelers destination, with gorgeous green landscape, natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches, towering actives volcanoes, pristine crater lakes and lush tropical forests with full of exotic wildlife as a tropical paradise second to none.

Our training facilities are located in Letkol. Wisnu Airfield, 65 km west of Singaraja, Buleleng - Bali, Indonesia. Our air strip offers the safety and training benefits of being a controlled air strip, but without the hassles and delays of a congested airport, this means no wasted time and money waiting for taxi and departure clearances.