ROBBY DJOHAN (1938-2016)

Known as a legend in Indonesia’s banking circles, Robby Djohan served as the CEO of Bank Niaga, Bank Mandiri, Garuda Indonesia etc. before he founded BIFA. His qualities as a focused, quick-thinking and fast-acting decision maker demonstrated his strong leadership qualities in many challenging situations. He was instrumental in reviving the ailing national carrier, Garuda, and successfully helped the national flag carrier back on its feet in under a year. He was instrumental in the merger and restructuring of four failing major state banks into one state bank, Bank Mandiri, which continues to be a stable and respected bank till date. Robby Djohan passionately believed that education was paramount to improving the quality of life and it was this passion that motivated him to establish the Bali International Flight Academy.


A graduate of the prestigious Institut Teknologi Bandung, Wiradharma B. Oka serves as the Head of School of the Bali International Flight Academy. Prior to taking up the position of the Head of School, he served as a Director of Garuda Indonesia, the flag-carrier of Indonesia.As a member of the Garuda Indonesia restructuring team in 1998, he played a pivotal role in managing and successfully helping Garuda Indonesia back on its feet. With substantial experience and a stable background in aviation, he ensures that BIFA continues to maintain its reputation as the preferred flight training academy for aspiring pilots.


Irma D. Djohan has a Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia and has extensive experience in Retail Banking and in management consultancy in a multinational corporation. Prior to taking up the position of Chief Financial Officer, she served as a Risk Management expert at Arthur Andersen (now Ernst & Young) and Assistant Vice President of Customer Benefit at Bank Danamon.Under her competent leadership, BIFA continues to remain a financially robust and reputable corporation.


Indonesia’s first female pilot, she has been a notable figure in Indonesia’s aviation industry for over 30 years and is a long-standing member of Federasi Aero Sport Indonesia, a community of flying enthusiasts.An astute entrepreneur, she was No. 76 on the 2017 list of GlobeAsia’s 99 Top Most Powerful Women.


Rizwan Halim has been actively involved in the aviation industry since he was young. As a trained engineer, he started Travira Air in 1982 in to fulfill the growing air transport needs of drilling and mining companies located in remote areas in the Indonesian archipelago. Under his leadership, Travira Air became the leading Indonesian air charter company. As an entrepreneur, Rizwan Halim strongly advocates that entrepreneurs must be capable of being agents of change and that “everything we do must be value-added”.He is passionate about setting the benchmark for quality in both aviation and automotive business sectors