** Our company is open to Hire Certified Engineer Position:

Below are the Engineer requirements:

  1. General License, Airframe and Piston Engine A1-A3
  2. Rating for Cessna 172 Series and or /Piper Multi Engine Series

Below are the Avionic requirements:

  1. Experience in General Aviation Aircraft
  2. C1-C2 and C4 Holder

Job Opportunity

** Our company is open to Hire Certified Flight Instructor Position **

Below are the FI requirements:

  1. Flight Instructor Licence with CPL, IR, CFI ratings
  2. Type Rating of Cessna single engine, ME.
  3. Total Flight min; 1,000 hours and minimum hours Instruction time; 500 hours

Local FI requirement:

  1. Holding a valid CPL/IR license
  2. Holding a valid first class medical certificate
  3. Fluency in written and spoken english
  4. Passed the selection process by BIFA

Document Requirements:

  1. Copy of Current Pilot License
  2. Copy of 5 last pages in the log book
  3. Current Current Medical License
  4. Verification / recommendation letter from local aviation regulatory (DGCA)
  5. Passport min 2 years exp date
  6. Recommendation letter from previous company

Our Benefit for Flight Instructors
Salary and Flight Hours information will send after application.

Additional Benefits:

  • FI Housing, accommodation with weekly maid service
  • Meals
  • Paid airfare
  • Free uniforms
  • Health insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance for Flight Training
  • Free Wifi (in some housing and on campus)
  • Swimming pool, fitness center on campus

Start / End of Contract:

  • Minimum contract period is 12 months, 6 (six) working days.
  • Instructor schedule is 6 days per week, with 1 days off normally, depending upon the cadet's progress. The average flight hours assigned per week is between 20-25 hours, with minimum 90 hours/month.
  • One way airfare costs from home country to Bali will be reimbursed upon completion of contract.
  • Annual return airfare to home country will be provided.
  • Vacation of approx. 18 days per year (in conjunction with school holiday scheduled by Head of School, Moslem eid Mubarak and Christmas)